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Prefere 4050 Resorcinol Phenol Resin

Prefere 4050 liquid resins mixed with hardener Prefere 5750, a resinous liquid containing filler, provide a range of phenol-resorcinol adhesives which are fully weatherproof and especially suited to the manufacture of large laminated timber structures. Prefere 4050 adhesives are also suitable for use in the production of heat resistant composite structures, eg fire-resisting doors. They are resistant to acids, weak alkalis, solvents and boiling water.

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A first choice' product for all waterproof and heat resistant bond requirements. Widely used in the Structural Timber Engineering sector for the manufacture of large laminated structures as well as heat resistant composite products e.g. Fire Doors.

Prefere 4050 resins with hardener Prefere 5750 meet the requirements of EN301-Type 1 and BS1203 (Type WBP). Prefere 4050 has been tested according to the German Standard DIN 68141 by the MPA, Otto-Graf-Institut in Germany and found to be suited for gluing load-bearing wooden structures for indoor and exterior use in accordance with DIN 1052.

  • Bonds wood, improved or densified woods, mineral fibre reinforced boards, brick, concrete and unglazed porcelain.
  • Bonds industrial and decorative laminated plastics (phenolic resin based or phenolic resin backed).

Prefere 4050 adhesives are simple to prepare. Both resin and hardener are liquids, and are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. It is essential that hardener Prefere 5750 is well stirred pouring from the container, as the filler can occasionally separate. Add the required amount of the hardener Prefere 5750 to the Prefere 4050 and mix thoroughly. The proportions may be measured by weight or volume.

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