Gekko Stikksafe 10 Thixo MCPU Adhesive

Stikksafe 10

Gekko Stikksafe 10 Thixo MCPU Adhesive

Alansons Stikksafe 10 is a single component polyurethane based adhesive with high bond strength and high water resistance. Alansons Stikksafe 10 can be used in the floor industry for bonding carpet grippers and stair nosings (where the subfloor is porous). With a very fast cure time carpets can be stretched as quick as 10 minutes after application (dependent on floor & atmospheric conditions).

Our expert says...

For optimum results apply 4mm bead for carpet gripper.

Alansons Stikksafe 10 has been used for bonding polystyrene and other insulation materials, as well as metals, masonry, wood, fibreglass and many other substrates. Alansons Stikksafe 10 can be used in timber construction where its performance meets the requirements of BS EN04 part D4.

  • Bonds carpet grippers
  • Cartridge applied

Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth, clean and free from dust or other deposits. Most construction grade materials are suitable such as wood, concrete, brick, insulation materials, porous and non-porous. Slight moistening of substrates improves the curing rate and gap filling properties. We recommend a preliminary compatibility test before bonding of desired substrates. The adhesive should be applied within the temperature range of +5?C to 25?C. Dispense the adhesive using a caulking gun to one of the substrates to be bonded. Join the parts together within 10 minutes and clamp for 60 minutes. Pressing the materials during curing is necessary to obtain the highest bond strength. Cured adhesive has to be removed mechanically. Alansons Stikksafe 10 should be stored in the original cartridges in a cool, dry place, at a temperature range of between 5C and 25C.

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