Apollo A7510 GP MCPU D4 Adhesive

Apollo A7510

Apollo A7510 GP MCPU D4 Adhesive

Apollo A7510 is moisture curing single part, Polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for applications in the panel manufacturing and laminating industries where it is required to bond many types of plastic foams and other insulating materials to a wide variety of both rigid and flexible facing materials. Such composites form structural sandwich panels and insulated building boards and may be used in the manufacture of cold stores, caravans, mobile homes and offices, insulated building units etc.

Our expert says...

Metals should be stored in a warm environment prior to bonding to avoid chilling of the glue line, which leads to extended cure times.

Some grades of Aluminium, Galvanised Steel and plastics however can be difficult to bond and may require the use of a primer. A test panel should always be prepared when new materials are to be used to establish the adhesives compatibility.

Refer to Technical Data Sheet for full details.  The adhesive is applied by trowel, notched scraper, hand roller coater or an automatic bead applicator to one surface only of each glue line.  The amount required will vary according to the porosity/smoothness of the substrates and the means of application, but will normally be in the range 80 - 140 grams per square metre.  Once the adhesive has been applied it should be over-misted with water, (approximately 5 - 15% of water based on the adhesive coating weight is the optimum amount - excessive amounts of water should be avoided). The panel is then assembled as soon as possible to minimise water evaporation and placed under pressure within the open time of the adhesive.


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