Gekko G67 Water Based Tackifier Adhesive

Gekko G67

Gekko G67 Water Based Tackifier Adhesive

Gekko G67 provides a permanently tacky film of adhesive which prevents carpets tiles from moving when in place but still allows the tiles to be lifted up if required. The benefits of a non-flammable propellant and a water based adhesive allows this product to be used in occupied areas.

Our expert says...

Great for large open areas thanks to its high volume spray and large coverage. Masking will be required around the edges.

The unique portable, fully contained canister system allows you to stand up and apply the adhesive. This will reduce knee injury, reduce labour time and increase efficiency, resulting in increased profitability for the installer. The versatility, portability and easy application control makes this a leading system in today's market.
  • Water based adhesive
  • Non-flammable
Hold spray gun at waist height and apply evenly across the floor. Do not allow it to concentrate or puddle in one area. Carpet tiles can be laid straight away (except for when bonding on to raised access flooring) but for best results leave adhesive to dry.

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