Ureka G2 Adhesive Applicator

Ureka G2

Ureka G2 Adhesive Applicator

The Ureka G2's innovative dispenser head allows clean and precise application across the width of the area to be bonded.  Using the correct settings, no adhesive spills on to areas it shouldn't and no adhesive is left uncovered.

Our expert says...

For use with Cladstikk 12, this system is ideal for wall cladding installations.

The dispenser heads are available in widths of 180mm (7"), 300mm (12") and 400mm (16"). Dispenser nozzles are disposable. Sachets of adhesive are quick and easy to load without any contact with the glue; leaving workspaces and operators clean. As they are used, the sachets are compressed, so that empty sachets form small discs which are easily disposed of. This system ensures best yield and minimal waste.  For use with Cladstikk 12 Adhesive. and Turfstikk 200.

  • Clean hands and workspace.
  • Boosts productivity by as much as 30%.

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