Prefere 4114

Prefere 4114 Liquid Urea Resin

Prefere 4114 used with appropriate hardeners provides adhesive systems for a wide variety of industrial uses, such as manufacture of furniture (veneering and form bend), interior doors and parquet, as well as in the production of plywood.

Our expert says...

A superb liquid/liquid veneering adhesive system. Prefere 4114 used with Prefere 5219 will give you a fast result from mixing through to cured bond on all veneer hot pressing. Easy mix, easy application and easy clean and a bond quality meeting MR ratings. If Prefere 5219 is too fast, well there are more to choose from.

Prefere 4114 is especially suited for form bend production and with an appropriate hardener it can be used for gluing of wet veneer. Prefere 4114 is suitable for hot bonding and for use under radio frequency heating conditions. With suitable hardeners it can also be used for cold bonding.

Refer to Technical Data Sheet for full details.

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