Turfstikk 100 Synthetic Grass Adhesive

Turfstikk 100

Turfstikk 100 Synthetic Grass Adhesive

Turfstikk 100 is a fast curing, one component, hybrid polymer adhesive designed for bonding synthetic grass to seaming tape. Turfstikk 100 is high grab so ensures the seaming tape and grass are kept in place while the cure takes place.

Our expert says...

When bonding joints on artificial grass ensure consistent bead is applied either side of the joint to avoid any gaps for potential joint contamination.

Turfstikk 100 will also bond porous and non-porous substrates including Metals, Fibreglass, Timber, Hard Plastics, Stone, Concrete, Bricks, Plasterboard, Ceramics, Glass, Marble and many other substrates.

  • Designed for bonding synthetic grass
  • Green colour

Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth, clean and free from dust or other deposits. Most construction grade materials are suitable such as wood, concrete, brick, insulation materials, porous and non-porous. Slight moistening of substrates improves the curing rate and gap filling properties. We recommend a preliminary compatibility test before bonding of desired substrates. The adhesive should be applied within the temperature range of +5C to 25?C. Cut the tip of the cartridge ensuring the thread is left intact. Screw nozzle on to the cartridge and cut an aperture relevant to the application requirement. Load the cartridge into a sealant gun and apply the adhesive in beads. Join the parts together within 10 minutes. Pressing the materials during curing is necessary to obtain the highest bond strength. Cured adhesive has to be removed mechanically. Turfstikk 100 should be stored in the original cartridges in a cool, dry place, at a temperature range of between 5C and 25C. In these conditions it has a storage life of at least 12 months.

What is the coverage of a 1.5ltr/2.25kg sachet?  The quoted coverage is 3 linear metres for a 290ml cartridge based on bonding a 200mm width seam tape.  This is dependent at what speed the operator dispenses adhesive from the gun.

What is the shelf life of the adhesive?  9 months.

Can Turfstikk 100 be used in damp conditions?  Yes Turfstikk 100 can be used in damp conditions as long as substrates are clean and dust free.


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