Henko R305 Good Weather Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Henko R305

Henko R305 Good Weather Synthetic Turf Adhesive

Henko R305 Good Weather is a solvent free 2 component polyurethane based adhesive with high bond strength and high water resistance.  Henko R305 Good Weather is designed for bonding seam tape to artificial grass and for general repair applications.   It is suitable for most types of artificial grass and in particular sports pitches.

Our expert says...

A good 2 component PU all rounder for bonding artificial grass.

Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are smooth, clean and free from dust or other deposits. Both components should be acclimatised to working temperature (approx. 20C) before use Add hardener to the pail of resin. Mix both components thoroughly using an electric drill with mixing paddle until the components have mixed to a consistent colour. Mixing should take approximately 2 minutes. Ensure the components are completely mixed be ensuring the resin on the walls and bottom of the pail are mixed. The adhesive should be applied within the temperature range of +5˚C to +30˚C. Apply the adhesive with a manual coating machine or a notched trowel uniformly on the seam tape. Apply artificial grass and press down firmly. Allow to cure.

What is the coverage of a 3ltr/4.5kg sachet?  The quoted coverage is 6m² per kg.  Coverage is dependent on the type of grass backing and gap fill required.

What is the shelf life of the adhesive?  6 months.

Can R305 be used in damp conditions?  No it is recommended that R305 is used in dry conditions.

What is the best way of keeping application tools clean?  Spread Henko 1500 Antisick release agent on tools before use, and once adhesive is cured it can be peeled off.

Can R305 be used for sports pitches?  Yes R305 is suitable for sports pitch applications and has been tested to the relevant industry standards.

What is the best way of mixing Component A and B?  Use a mechinical mixing paddle and ensure the adhesive is thoroughly mixed.  After mixing, leave adhesive for 5 minutes to begin curing before applying to the surface.  This will cause the adhesive to bond quicker.


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