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What are the best knives for cutting artificial grass?


Time is money, and these six knives will save the professional grass installer significant amounts of time, as well as giving a superior result compared to the standard cutting knives which many installers still use.


Speed Knife

The Speed Knife is designed for cutting off the woven edge of the artificial grass. This is done by turning over the edge of the artificial grass, so that the underside of the edge is exposed. Then a cut is made in the underside of the woven edge. It gives better control over the cut because the knife is pushed through the material instead of pulling as with a normal knife.  Watch how to use a Speed Knife here;

Length Knife

The Length Knife ensures a straight and precise cut in the grass with the right amount of clearance between the two grass sections. This knife requires that the previous section be (pre) cut. Then this knife is used to make a cut with a small clearance. Watch how to use a Length Knife here;

Walk Knife

The Walk Knife is similar to the Speed Knife but it can be used in an upright walking position to make the first cut in artificial grass for the seam of the section that is in the correct position (to prepare for the use of the Henko Length Knife). It gives a much higher productivity than making the cut in a kneeling down position with an ordinary knife as the cut is made while walking. Watch how to use a Walk Knife here;

Loop Pile Cutter

The Loop Pile Cutter is designed for cutting artificial grass where the grass runs up to an edge, e.g. kerb, wall or fence.  The knife is pushed along using the edge it is pushed against as a guide, giving a clean cut which follows the contours of the edge you are following.  It can also be used for cutting detailed patterns.  Watch how to use a Loop Pile Cutter here;

Topcutter 2000 Knife

The Topcutter 2000 is designed for quick and efficient cutting of the joints of artificial grass. The Topcutter 2000 can be used while standing, to prevent back aches and ensure a fast and clean cut.  Watch how to use a Topcutter 2000 Knife here;

Line Cutter

The Line Cutter is designed for cutting circles and lines, e.g. the corner circle and the mid circle in a football field.  It cuts two lines in the grass at consistent spacing allowing a line to be inserted into the gap which no uneven edges.  Watch how to use a Line Cutter here;

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