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Which is the best adhesive for bonding grass in damp conditions


Being able to bond artificial grass in wet conditions is not only essential in the damp British weather conditions, but historically it has been beset by problems.  The technology required to ensure an adhesive will cure correctly in such situations is a relatively new development.  For professional applications, a two-component polyurethane system gives the best bond strength, and certain brands pass the stringent requirements of many of the sports governing bodies.  Two-component polyurethane systems do not, as a general rule, cure well when applied to damp surfaces.

Henko R300 is different.  It has been specifically developed to overcome this issue and we have many customers who would agree that it beats the competition in terms of being able to bond damp surfaces.  Here’s what one of our recent customers said;

My colleague told me that R300 would bond in wet conditions unlike your competition.  I didn’t believe him and told him to prove it by bonding some grass which was in a puddle fully submerged.  So he did, and it cured – I couldn’t believe it!

Henko R300 can be trowelled out by hand using Henko Hand Gluebox or automatically through the Henko 601 Glue Machine.

If you would like to try R300 for yourself, we would be happy to supply a sample bucket, or a quotation to you.  Please contact us on 0117 971 1364 or email us on

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