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Bespoke office furniture manufacturer chooses Alansons adhesives to support their growing range of designs and innovations.


Eborcraft have been designing and manufacturing Contemporary wood veneered, MFC and laminate office furniture for 127 years, creating some of the UK's finest desks, workstations, meeting and boardroom tables, break-out furniture, storage units and reception counters.

When Eborcraft originally got in touch with Alansons for a two-part Resin system for veneering and laminating, it quickly became apparent that Alansons were able to offer a whole range of solutions to help create efficiencies within the manufacturing process and to build upon the premium quality of Eborcrafts furniture ranges.

This beautifully crafted furniture unit and teardrop table displays some of Eborcrafts finest work, brought to life with a walnut veneer and Alansons Adhesive.

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