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Alansons & Gekko Merge


Alansons and Gekko Merge

Gekko Industries Ltd was formed in 2012 by some of the directors of Alansons Industries Ltd for the express purpose of entering the flooring and construction industry. Both companies are suppliers of adhesive bonding systems but serving two distinct markets. Gekko has served the construction industry, and specifically floor, wall and grass installation systems, whereas Alansons has predominantly served the manufacturing industries.

To streamline the companies systems, we have decided to merge the two Companies into one under the original Alansons Industries Ltd company, so from 1st January 2019 all trade will be completed through Alansons.  Gekko products and services will remain exactly the same, as will the personnel who have been serving our customers.

This change is an exciting step in the history of the two companies and we look forward to contacting our customers and prospects over the coming weeks and months to introduce our products and services.

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