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Delamination issues resolved for timber fire door manufacturer


A longstanding veneering client contacted us because they were having issues with delamination of the impregnated primer paper they bonded on to coreboard using Prefere 4152 resin.  Their initial results were that the resin was faulty, so they requested that Alansons should investigate and come up with a solution. 

After a number of adhesive tests, no fault with the resin could be found, and this was confirmed by the resin bonding veneer perfectly.  Attention was focussed on the paper and what was found was that a coating of the paper was hindering the bond taking place and as a result the paper was chipping off the core board as it was very brittle. 

Alansons provided an alternative impregnated paper and bond tests were made with Prefere 4152 and the results were excellent.  The paper not only gave a smoother finish, but the bond was excellent and overcame the delamination and brittleness issues the customer was experiencing. 

The production manager used the opportunity for Alansons to streamline the whole bonding process to ensure correct mix ratios were being used, the press was performing to temperature and the cure cycles were being properly executed.  It is this extra advice and support which makes our client return to us again and again.


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